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We are an organic brand specializing in plant based sweeteners. We sustainably and ethically source and produce our products, allowing us to be Fair Trade certified, Non GMO certified and USDA Organic verified.

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We are committed to using high quality agave for our products in order to ensure the best 100% natural  agave nectar. 

  • I’ve been using this for my coffee and tea every morning for 5 years!
    It’s way better than other sugar subs out there! Also, I use it for my margaritas and cocktails instead of simple syrup, it’s the best substitution!

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  • Delicious and this brand lasts a long time even though I use agave syrup for EVERYTHING. It makes chicken sweet and savory. It’s also delicious on vegetables, baked fish, smoothies, hot drinks, salads and even cereal! I do not miss those artificial sugars one bit.

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  • I am picky about what I eat and the ingredients that are in the food that goes into my body. This agave passes the test on all fronts. This is an all natural organic product that I highly recommend to others.

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  • Very high quality! This raw agave is delicious and is good to use on a variety of foods, such as replacing pancake syrup!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is agave nectar?

Agave nectar is a plant based sweetener, commonly used as a vegan alternative to honey or a natural alternative to refined sugars. It has a glycemic index of 17 compared to sugar’s glycemic index of 65, causing less of an impact on blood glucose levels. 

What is the difference between raw and light agave nectar?

Raw agave nectar is produced at a lower temperature to protect the enzymes of the agave, making it perfect for those that prefer a raw diet. Due to its richer flavor and thicker consistency, it is best best for poultry, meat, seafood dishes, pancakes, and waffles.  

Light agave nectar has a neutral flavor and more liquid consistency making it perfect for desserts, baked goods, sauces, and beverages. 


What can agave nectar be used in?

There’s an endless amount of dishes, drinks and desserts agave nectar can be used in! It can be used as a substitute to sugar in recipes and simple syrups in cocktails. From smoothies to salad dressings to granola bars, our customers have found many ways to use agave nectar.

For recipes, you can also check our social media pages! 

Is agave nectar healthy?

Our agave nectar is USDA organic, Vegan, Kosher and Non GMO certified; However like all good things, it should be used in moderation.