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Why you should substitute regular sugar

with Blue Green agave nectar?

3/4 Cup of Agave Nectar = 1 Cup of Sugar

Glycemic Index of 17 Compared to 65 of Sugar

Vegan Alternative to Honey

Why Blue Green Organics?

  • Fair Trade Certified, Non GMO & USDA Organic Brand
  • Climate Pledge Friendly on Amazon by meeting sustainability standards to help preserve the natural world.
  • Amazon’s Choice meaning we are highly rated, well-priced and available to ship immediately.

What's the difference?

Light Agave Flavor20%
Raw Agave Flavor80%

Our organic light blue agave nectar has a neutral flavor. It adds sweetness without flavor, making it ideal for hot and cold beverages, baking, and desserts.


And organic raw blue agave nectar has a richer flavor. It is produced at temperatures below 113℉ to protect the natural nutrients, so it is a perfect all-purpose sweetener for natural and raw food enthusiasts.


You can use agave for all kinds of recipes!


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Amazon Reviews

  • We received the Agave within a few days. It was packaged well when delivered. The bottle is very attractive and the agave has a wonderful taste. This product is from Mexico that produces the best blue agave in the world.

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  • I use it daily in cereal, coffee, tea, etc. It tastes great. I highly recommend and will buy it again.

    Amazon Review
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  • The agave is not like other sweeteners. It’s a little thiner and leaves no taste in your mouth. Great for tea-no covering up the taste.

    Amazon Review
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  • We just tried 3 other sugar replacements for coffee and this one ended up to be our best choice. Did not have aftertaste.

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  • I literally use the stuff every day in my coffee and other smoothies I need to sweeten up.

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